Radar Calibration/Tracking Balloon: NSN 5840-00-751-9301
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2.0Size4.00 ft/1.21 m diameter
3.14 ft2/1.17 m2 cross-sectional area
3.0Material2 mil metallized polyester resistivity less than 5 ohm/square
4.0WeightApproximate 1 lb/450 grams to give maximum altitude of 24,000 ft.
5.0Gore Design18 gores, sealed with thermoplastic tape
6.0Volume33.51 ft3/0.95 m3
7.0Inflation Valve1/4 inch/6.35 cm metal with cap, diffuser and plastic tie loop
8.0Relief Valve7/8 inch/26.67 cm designed for 20 inches of H20 super-pressure
9.0TolerancesDiameter to +/- 5 %
10.0Quality AssuranceBalloons pressure tested at 20 in. H2O for 60 minutes
11.0PackagingEach balloon is wrapped in protective polyethylene cover, and packaged in a cardboard box